Our F-14 Tomcat 1:2 Scale tails are the most accurate all aluminum construction replica ever built

in the world. The amount of detail is astounding for the price range by any standards. Could we get more

obsessed with the detail?... Of course, but still keeping in mind of our discerning customer base, elected

to stay within this price margin. Every Squadron tail code is available from CAG to Lo-Vis Tactical.



Grim Reapers


This is the tactical version of this iconic design. While this is the flying "Moe" version, the newer "Torso" Reaper is also available.


The reverse side illustrates the amount of work that went into this as a replica. A very clean and neat appearance again sticking to just the basics. We had to re-design the hinge system without cast components to keep the cost down and yes, the large rudder moves!


The Center of Gravity is accurate and balanced so when hung properly, its level.


Size; 58" tip to tip




One of the most difficult tasks we do when replicating any part of a plane is reverse engineering. Whats worse, is not having the parts, blueprints or subject to work from. So, any and all photos and reference material is sought in order to fabricate the prototype and make our own blueprints. After all the prototype parts are made and blueprinted, we can then turn the prints into a digital CAD program so they can be made in unlimited quantity. We then fit, assemble and rivet the parts together traditionally for your very own tail.