Lazy Lady


35FS, 8FG

Flown by Lt. Glen C. Holder

A more colorful P-38 from the group. Holder's final score came to 4 confirmed and 2 probables

22"x30" $475.00


Miss Virginia

P-38G-13 43-2204

339FS, 347FG

Flown by Lts Rex Barber and Bob Petit

This aircraft was flown by Barber during the Yamamato mission that was borrowed from original pilot Lt. Bob Petit. Barber was credited with sharing the two bombers a Zero. His total score came to 5.

22"x30" $180.00


P-38J-15 42-103993

475FS, 49FG 5 AF

Flown by Maj. Richard I. Bong

40 kills, America's Ace of aces was a actually a poor shot but made up for it in his flying skills. Bong flew his P-38 so close that it was almost impossible to miss. This is how he downed the enemy. On Dec 12, 1944, Bong was awarded the Medal of Honor by Gen. Douglas MacArthur and married his sweetheart, Marge Vattendahl 5 days later. Sadly, he was killed while testing a new P-80 jet on 6 Aug. 1945.

With the permission of Marge Bong-Drucker, a copy of the original photo is adhered to this panel.

22"x30" $195.00

Pudgy IV


431FS, 475FG

Flown by Maj. Thomas B. McGuire

38 victories and second to Richard Bong, McGuire favored the P-38 over other aircraft. This, his 4th out of 5 P-38's is the aircraft that he scored most of his kills in.

The yellow kill tally box did not appear until after he arrived in the Philippines.

22"x30" $365.00


Beautiful Lass


9FS, 49FG

Flown by Capt. John G. O'Neill

Better Known as "Jump", finished the war with 8 victories. The girl was originally illustrated as a dark skinned woman and later changed to this final rendition for unknown reasons.

22"x30" $425.00

The reference photos on this page are strictly used for identification purposes only.



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